Former HAMS

In 2014, the FCC announced revisions to the Part 97 Amateur Radio rules governing exam credit to former licensees.

The Commission announced that it would grant examination credit for written elements 3 (General) and 4 (Amateur Extra) to holders of “expired licenses that required passage of those elements.”

The FCC will require former licensees falling outside the 2-year grace period to pass Element 2 (Technician) in order to be re-licensed.

Those who once held an Advanced license, would be granted examination credit for written element 3 (General).

To take advantage of the new rule, holders of expired licenses must attend an exam session. There they would present a photo ID and their expired license proof, pay the $15 exam session processing fee and take the Technician exam.

More information can be found on the ARRL’s web page at:

and under the Exam Element Credit tab at:

If you have questions regarding this new rule, contact your local Volunteer Examiner team.